About us

There are scores of websites dealing with the subject of food and restaurants. The common notion is that any such site will have details on cuisine of different countries and their restaurants as well as which dining experiences to try out while travelling abroad. This is usually what visitors to sites focussed on food and restaurants are dished out with.

Our website www.piscebygaston.com is different though our emphasis is more or less on the same subjects. Upfront, we too offer details of food from various locations from across the globe along with their recipes as well as tips on the best restaurants to dine in. But beyond that we offer blogs and articles that guide not just the connoisseurs of food but restaurant owners too. For example, our focus is also on the behind the scene activities in restaurants, what maximises ambience, the lighting that will set the required mood of diners and ways and means to reduce expenses and increase profitability. In the severely competitive world of food and restaurants our blog spot is a platform for both diners and those restaurant owners to get an in-depth knowledge of this industry as a whole.

However we understand the enormity of our task and that it is not possible to do full justice to our readers’ thirst for information on the subject without write-ups from experts in this field. This is why we invite those who have a great degree of knowledge on the subjects of food and restaurants to contribute their blogs and articles to our website to give it a meaningful shape. There are no restrictions on the choice of topics so long as it is centred on our niche.

Bloggers are free to explore the many facets of food and restaurants and write in to us on it. The blogs should be original and unique and not have been published before. Images and graphics to backup text are also welcome. We will inform bloggers by email once their write-ups are published on our site.