Restaurant Lighting – How to get it Right

The first thing that flashes across the mind when an image of a restaurant pops up is food. While that is quite logical, only you as a restaurant owner will know the many factors that go into drawing patrons inside before they finally settle down at a table. In the severely competitive world of fine dining, it is not enough if you dish out sumptuous fare only, the ambience, furniture, crockery, cutlery and lighting are equally important.

Lighting is of paramount importance as it goes a long way in setting the mood of the diners the moment they enter your establishment. The more they feel at ease, the longer will they want to stay resulting in increased orders and sales.

Here are some tips that you will do well to follow so far as lighting is concerned.

Create a pleasant environment – Ambient lighting should be just right – too bright and your restaurant will resemble a boisterous cafe, too low and it will be difficult to read the menu or interact with the serving staff. To make things dramatic, have low general lighting while a strobe light can be fixed just above the tables. Many restaurants are experimenting with lights embedded in the floor for effect. This is worth trying out in your establishment.

Service areas – The kitchen and other service areas should have bright lights, not only to make the area easy to work in but also to prevent accidents. However, you should use LED lights here to save on electricity bills. Lights here are usually on for about 20 hours a day and hence using LEDs can result in substantial savings.

Accent lighting – If you have paintings or any decorations on the walls, highlight them with accent lighting. The soft yellow glow bouncing off a precious work of art will surely lend a touch of class to your premises.

Decorative lighting – Use outdoor multi coloured festoon LED lights outside your main door to highlight your restaurant as well as to create a pleasant festive mood.

Follow these simple tips and you will surely be able to enhance the dining experience of your patrons.